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In 2014, Brazil is the soccer capital of the world


For the second time in the country's history, Brazil will host the world's most highly anticipated and watched tournament, the World Cup. 1950 was the last time this nation – a country that lives, breathes and sweats soccer – hosted a World Cup tournament. However they have won five titles, a stat that makes them the most successful team in the tournament to date, and a stat that will make them a formidable home team opponent to every visiting nation they face.

Brazil will have 12 cities hosting matches, as opposed to the standard 8-10 cities FIFA has traditionally set as a limit for previous host nations. Rio de Janeiro's Maracanã stadium will host the World Cup Final, a venue that is being renovated to hold a whopping 90,000 spectators.

Experience all that South America's largest country has to offer

It's no secret that Brazil is a soccer nation through and through, but there is definitely more to do in this fabulous country than watch The Beautiful Game. Trips down the Amazon, hiking through rainforests and gorgeous beach-side resorts await you in this magnificent South American country. Let TRAVEL MCM show you why Brazil is a hot spot for millions of tourists every year, all wanting a glimpse of the natural beauty that its countryside has to offer.

A Premium Experience for the Limited Few

For all the wonder and spectacle that is sure to be a part of the World Cup in 2014, there will, unfortunately be space for only a limited few to experience it in person. Top quality accommodations will be scarce and TRAVEL MCM has ensured that its customers will have access to the finest available. Since thousands of people will be converging on cities throughout Brazil, the earlier you make plans for your ultimate World Cup experience, the better.

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